Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election morning travails

Every morning I hop in the car and turn on the ignition. The radio blares as I inevitably forgot to turn down the volume the night before when I parked. Alas, the emanations of the radio are neither the sweet tones of a ballad nor the inspiring driving rhythm of a strong bass line but are the cacophonous babbling of talk show hosts.

If you can't tell, I hate talk shows. I hate them so much, I reserve a preset button for the reliably innocuous classical music station. However, in my restlessness I usually switch around radio stations, sadly suffering from some acute amnesia that blocks out the fact that talk shows dominate morning radio. Being a forgiving soul, I tend to allow them one or two complete sentences before becoming disgusted and continuing my spectrum meandering.

Perhaps the show that attracts my ire most is KITS's The Woody Show. Before you ask, I looked up the web page specifically for your convenience this morning as I compose this blog and not because I've ever seen it before. The content of that web page is such eye bleach to me, that I quickly avert my eyes after getting the offensive link. You're welcome. If I could expunge my presets of this show, I would, but unfortunately, KITS is one of the few stations in my area that plays the music I like (although less and less now as the management has tried to attract younger audiences ~ get off my lawn, kids!!).

Most mornings, the two sentences I hear are some toilet humor or indignant and ignorant rant on some idiotic happening. Usually they pick some poor odd news article and poke fun at the village idiot. I let them have their "fun" and switch the channel after a sentence or two and shake my head in resignation. Often, I am particularly irked when they comment on legal or political matters.

What does this have to do with this election morning? I'm doing my usual channel surf and I hear "Woody" say ~ Why are we not voting? [Whathisface] is not registered and I know this is an important election in like ... Pennsylvania and ... Ohio... [at this point I emphatically push a different preset.] My respect for this morning show has hit an all-time low. I hear them rant and rave about all sorts of issues facing the nation and the community, and this pathetic apathy is the result? Don't bore me with your sophomoric preaching if you can't take 30 minutes out of your lives to do the perhaps ONE REAL THING to change your community for the better.

And that reference to Pennsylvania and Ohio completely ignores the state and local issues. I can't believe these people have a show and that anyone actually listens to it.