Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guugle r in ur naybrhud, blowin' ur mynd!!!!!!! ^ >O< ^

I saw a tutorial for the "Streetview" function in Google maps (srsly! click me!)! I put in my own address and I saw my own house from street level. How is this possible!? Google must have invented autonomous camera-armed robots and are planning to monitor my pr0n.. errrr children's cartoon consumption habits! Do you know how bizarre that feels? I feel kinda dirty actually.... *cue theme from the Crying Game*

Seriously though, from the look of the picture in front of my house, they must have driven by sometime in February or something and captured my neighborhood. Freaky. Upon zooming out, however, I realized that the Street View function is fairly limited in scope ~ being constrained to only 5 metropolitan areas in the U.S. only.

It was only fated coincidence that my neighborhood was close enough to Google Mountain View that it was included in this first round of the new Street View Service.

Check out the view from the Oval in Stanford University! Click and drag on that mofo to git a reeeeal good look.

Even fooled Uncle Sam

Hahahahaha ~ Azia Kim, who stealth-Stanforded for 8 months until she was asked to leave campus last week, also managed to sign up for and participate in Santa Clara University ROTC! Too funny. Obviously she's a complete loon, but she's got cajones the size of basketballs. The ruse sounds like some sort of plot for a book ~~ I wonder if she'll manage to sell her story to Reader's Digest or something =P rofl.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Philadelphia transsexual mural

Fark headline: "Transsexual Cambodian spotaneously mixes androgynous forms to create controversial self-portrait mural on Philadelphia building. Submitter has been waiting years to write this headline" links to Philadelphia Inquirer story "A mural is up against a wall." The mural in question is The Death of Venus, to the right (Eric Mencher / Inquirer Staff Photographer).

When i first clicked on the link, I thought that some people were objecting to a new mural with questionable content. However, the article says the mural has been up for four years subject to an "interim approval" procedure. In that time, there has been little public opposition to the mural, according to the article, and the City's Mural Arts Program has added the mural to its tour guide.

However, in a recent decision at the end of the four year "interim approval" procedure, the city's Historical Commission decided that it should be painted over. Although supporters of the mural claimed that the mural has taken on historical significance, the Chairman of the Commission dismissed those arguments and said, "4 1/2 years is not history." Although the Chairman of the Historical Commission might have more experience in determining whether something is historical, I must disagree in this case. I believe that events and art that have an impact can become historical within seconds. Of course, I'm being somewhat facetious because the Chairman meant history in context of the historic architecture of the neighborhood, but nevertheless destroying a work of "art" that is generally unopposed and is a tourist draw sounds like a bad idea.

The tragic irony is that the artist, Dee Chhin - a transexual Cambodian immigrant (originally Wesley Chhin) - watched as her own uncle, also an artist, was decapitated by the Khmer Rouge, and now her work of art will (pending appeal) be painted over in a coat of red paint.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Youtube simpsons intros

Good times.

Universe within a universe


Fat Bart

Bah just search Simpsons intro yourself in youtube =P

EDIT: omg. ok so the changes to this blogspot site allow me to add a video feed section with keywords. Click on a picture in the video feed to the right and enjoy any of a number of videos that come up with the key words "tan Stewie." "Oh squiggly line in my eye fluid - I see you there, lurking on the periphery of my vision, but when i try to look at you, you scurry away. Are you shy, squiggly line? Why only when I ignore you do you return to the center of my eye? Oh squiggly line, it's all right; you are forgiven."

Back. In a small way.

Dear Readers,
So I've been spamming my friends with emails containing random stuff I see online. Rather than forcing them to wade through my electronic offal/treasure, I have decided to resurrect this page, not in a Jesus-like ascendance to a higher plane, or even a Lazarian return-to-life, but rather in a necrotic, dripping-flesh, ugly reanimation.

In less flowery terms, here's some stuff that I thought was interesting, but I'm not gonna worry about making it interesting or even grammatically correct.


P.S. Thanks, Jimmy, for sparing our friends my continued spam. I wonder if Zombies like Spam? It probably has pork brains in it ...

So I guess the first thing I'll post is an appropo link to a vid from the past ~ 1939 to be exact. Apparently a General Motors Futurama presentation on travel of the future. "Over space, man has begun to win victory."

I guess GM was predicting progress in the mandate of Genesis 1:26 ~ "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule ... over all the earth."